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aproTex® eco+ Ärmelschoner (TPU-Polyurethan-Folie) Ultra-leichter, komfortabler und sehr strapazierfähiger Ärmelschoner. Für alle Arbeiten in Feucht- und Nass-bereichen geeignet. Das Modell Premium bietet Handschuhträgern zusätzlichen Feuchtigkeits- und Nässeschutz.

aproTex® eco+ SLEEVE COVERS

Ultra-lightweight, comfortable and very durable TPU sleeve. Particularly suitable for all work involving moisture and liquids.

Model Premium gives the glove-wearer additional protection from moisture and liquids.

• Made of TPU-film (without fabric)

• Material: ultra-light

• Flexible at low temperatures up to -65 °C

• Machine washable up to 90 °C

• Waterproof

• Resistant against animal oils and fats, detergents, some acids

   and alkine liquids

• Lengths: 45 | 53 cm (Standard) | 50 cm (Premium)

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