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aproTex® -S- Schürze (NBR-Gummi) Klassische Fleischerschürze, schwere und robuste Arbeitsschürze für intensive Anforderungen. Besonders geeignet für Fleisch-, Fisch- und Molkereiindustrie.

aproTex® -S- APRON 


Classic, heavy and robust Work apron for intensive requirements. Particularly suitable for the meat, fish and dairy industries.

• Made of polyester fabric coated on both sides with NBR-rubber • Material: medium-heavy

• Open edge or hemmed

• Washable

• Permanently flexible

• Waterproof

• Resistant against animal oils and fats, strong detergents and

   some acids and alkaline liquids

• Heat resistant

• Lengths: 90 cm - 140 cm (other lengths on request)

• Width: 90 cm (open edge) | 100 cm (hemmed)

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